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DLF the crest

DLF the crest Highlights Vibrant Cosmopolitan Community of over 30,000 people DLF Golf and Country Club - 2 signature golf courses in close vicinity Home to multinational corporations, world-class dining, and shopping avenues 16-lane expressway and rapid metro network defines seamless connectivity Round the clock surveillance, fire safety, and quick reaction teams Sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 14 MLD caters to the upcoming Six stunning towers designed by Hafeez Contractor Interior design of lobbies and clubhouse by Richmond International Air-conditioned lobbies High-speed elevators Zone-V seismic consideration Floor to floor height 3.2 m Shuttle elevators leading from basements to entrance lobbies for enhanced security Kitchen pre-fitted with imported modular cabinetry and Siemens appliances Large outdoor decks for sit outs

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